Welcome to the web-site of Othman Tantawy, Attorneys and Law Office (OT).

We believe in coping with the ongoing development and modernity for instant contact with our clients using modern communication tools that characterize our age, we work hard to cope with the quick developments and economic rapid changes that need instant legal advice that must cope with the quick-paced modern age.

We believe in the supreme mission of attorneys, and we are keen to maintain the active role of attorneys that is embodied in using all possible communication means for the full understanding of our clients’ needs.

Therefore, Othman Tantawy, Attorneys and Law Office (OT) provides all legal services and pursues all cases in Egyptian courts to recognize full legal protection for its clients, with the help of legal experts, who endeavor to provide clients with the most effective and convenient means of legal consultation, advice and solution. This is done in an effective way that meets interests and needs of our clients perfectly.

Moving from these principles on, we are proud, as attorneys and legal counselors, to offer you various legal services covering individuals, companies, institutions, agencies in different domains including:

- Establishment of all kinds of companies,
- Establishing branches in Egypt of international companies
- Debt collection (checks, IOUs, etc),
- International trade contracts
- Contracting and subcontracting contracts,
- Local and international arbitration,
- Money market transactions,
- Governing and organizing trade transactions,
- Intellectual property rights,
- Registration of real estate and Notary services
- Family and inheritance cases